are temporary installations where moving images produced by designers, architects and artists find their space.

Cinema itself includes an almost ritualistic act on the part of its viewers and spectators. It somehow encompasses the awareness and forethought of an experience: the rendez-vous of a moment when “everything can happen, everything is possible and probable” (The Dream, August Strindberg, 1901).

Cinema Parentesi was created with the intention of a tribute to a contemporary language, increasingly common within the discipline of design and architecture: moving images. The goal is to create a kind of ephemeral temple, dedicated to the field of video installations, that seeks to restore the audience to its original state of contemplation.

Cinema Parentesi is a celebration of a moment, the moment in which one receives a stimulus through a screen. The spaces, infrastructures, objects, textures, materiality, and physicality of the material culture we are surrounded by gets interrogated, recomposed and narrated by images, sounds and words.